All Natural Hangover Patch

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I put on the Hangover Fix patch?

We advise that for optimal results, that the patch be put on a hairless part of the body 45 minutes before consuming alcohol.

How does the Hangover Fix patch work compared to other hangover methods?

The Hangover Fix patch, unlike other methods is specifically formulated for people with hangovers. Meaning, it’s designed to replenishing depleted nutrients into your body from alcohol consumption. Other remedies do not specifically target this.

Does the Hangover Fix patch contain any caffeine?

The Hangover Fix patch contains vitamins as well as green tea extract. Therefore there is a minimal amount of caffeine.

Where is the Hangover Fix made?

Our product is proudly made in the USA.

Does the Hangover Fix patch work on its own?

While Hangover Fix does the most important part at combating the depletion of nutrients from your body after alcohol consumption. We recommend staying hydrated as well to aid in the effectiveness and minimizing your hangover.